B&J Specialty, Inc. precision EDM services provide customers with complex machined components at very competitive prices. We utilize 4-axis wire EDM and ram EDM equipment with hole popping capabilities. EDMs are set up with multiple position tool changers and capabilities that require minimal operator interaction. Once set-up, machining cycles can run continuously. This investment in lights out manufacturing increases production capacity and allows us to offer very economical prices on jobs of any size. Graphite electrodes can be cut into intricate patterns to create complex shapes from hardened metals, including tool steels, without the need for annealing and subsequent post-machining heat treating. Examples of products well suited to EDM production include molds, dies, and gears.


The ability to produce complex patterns without causing heat distortion makes EDM an ideal machining method for the production of tooling from steel, aluminum, copper, and beryllium copper alloys. We can machine part features with tolerances as close as +/- 0.0003 and surface finishes as smooth as 6 RMS. The wire EDM tank can hold parts as large as 20" x 14" x 12". Our ram EDM has a working area as large as 47" x 25" x 19". We are a family owned company with 40 years of proven success in serving the needs of the manufacturing industry. Our ability to tackle challenging jobs has led to increased innovation in manufacturing technologies and continued growth. 

Robotic End of Arm Tooling
Single Cycle Pierce Unit
Testing Fixture
Die Repair for Automotive Industry
Micro Welding Repair
Mold Tooling Repair
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Single Cycle Pierce Unit