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B&J Specialty, Inc. provides precision welding services offering the finest quality workmanship from our trained professionals. We have the capability of welding many types of alloys including copper, beryllium copper and aluminum. Tool steels such as DC-53, A2, H-13, S-7 and M2 present no challenge for our highly trained staff. We are equipped with the latest welding technology, providing our customers with endless capabilities. Our 400 Watt CNC Laser Welder is just 1 of 4 in the U.S. that is DMD (Direct Metal Deposition) ready. With two WeldLogic Micro TIG welders that range from .1 ampere to 100 amperes that weld materials down to .002" and three 200 Watt AC/DC TIG  welders there is no job too big or too small.

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