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B&J Specialty, Inc. is leading the way with our blue light & laser scanning services. Our expert staff offers benefits to all industries in need. Whether at our shop, or scanning onsite at your facility, we look forward to the opportunity to work together to help you achieve your reverse engineering and/or inspection objectives with the aid of laser & blue light digital scanning technology. There are many uses for 3D digital scanning and, due to it's high accuracy, we can adapt this technology to many manufacturing applications.











For times when you have old or new tooling, but no engineering data, you may want to archive white light scan data until it is needed for future use. This can alleviate problems arising from broken details or to determine wear surfaces on the detail. The point cloud data can be used at a later time to either create a solid 3D parametric CAD model or to overlay to a new scan of the same detail to derive the amount of tooling wear.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the most common use for blue light digital scanning, which includes many different applications.  By creating models with our Geomagic Design X software, we are able to provide you with a water tight, parametric 3D model in just about any translator language, including  X_T, IGES, and STEP. 


Troubleshoot Tooling

Complicated tooling, which has many variables, does not always perform exactly as expected when completed. This is a situation where B&J Specialty has a solution to determine the cause of undesired results. We often assist our customers by scanning existing tooling and comparing it to their 3D CAD model with Geomagic Control X. The output from that overlay is used to diagnose and repair the tooling so it works properly.

Work Holding Solutions

Often times, lathe or CNC milling work needs performed on raw castings or custom objects. It is quite common for these castings to be formed from very old patterns which have no engineering data. Also, custom or altered objects commonly have no updated engineering data. In these cases, blue light scanning is a perfect solution to provide a model of the casting or altered object. With the newly generated model, work holding fixtures can be created for the work piece allowing for ease of machining. 

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