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B&J Specialty, Inc. provides reverse engineering services through blue light or laser scanning on any items able to be 3D digitally scanned including: dies, molds, or castings. Tooling prints are often lost in acquisitions, moves, or just misplaced through the years. Whether using our Zeiss T-scan Hawk

laser scanner or our Zeiss Comet L3D blue light 3D scanner, they can read up to 2 million data points in 1.5 seconds. Through this cutting edge technology, we can create detailed models of existing tooling, molds, or parts with an accuracy of ±0.003". Combining our blue light scanner with our Canon photogrammetry system allows us to scan parts up to 120" x 84" x 40". Also, our recently acquired Werth, Inc. CT/X-Ray scanner allows for internal and external data to be digitally collected for reverse engineering purposes.


Raw scan data is output into a clean mesh (STL) file, and can be further processed into the appropriate CAD or CAM format depending on the application. Geomagic Design X software is used to create models for reverse engineering purposes or compare scans to existing

3D CAD for verification with Geomagic Control X.


In addition to reverse engineering, blue light/laser scanning are an efficient and precise quality control tool. Scans of parts can be compared directly to prints and 3D CAD models for verification. This process allows for dimensional inspection of parts that may be too delicate to measure with CMM equipment or manual tactile

measurement devices.

Whether prints need to be made for design or archival purposes, or difficult to measure dimensions need to be verified, 3D scanning is an accurate and fast tool for modeling intricate parts. Scans may be used to design tooling, create CNC tool paths, program additive manufacturing equipment for rapid prototypes, or capture data for future reference. We are a family owned business who has succeeded by staying focused on bringing customers the newest manufacturing technology that adds value to our


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